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We like to tailor ourselves to each and every client when it comes to the service provided and the fees. 

Our services include space planning, colour selection, wall and floor finishes, window treatments, technical drawings, furniture design, shopping list of furniture, fittings, accessories, lighting, decorative items and computer generated visualisations for our clients to be able to see what the final design will look like.  

We offer remote consultancy. Thanks to our 3D photo realistic images and a vast experience in the field, we can provide full service online for a very affordable fee.

In our opinion, it is very important for our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the design process. 

The fees are tailored to our clients' individual needs and vary accordingly to the room size and the scope of work.


A lot of home owners have some dilemmas and concerns when it comes to their property design. Sometimes they don't need a full design but only need a little help with finding the perfect wallpaper, looking at the wall colour, sofa placement, window treatment etc. We have come across clients who just want a helping hand to guide them towards the right direction. We call this service 'Ask a design question'. 

We provide affordable design to suits every budget.

Please contact us to discuss your project or a design question and we will come back with an estimate for the service needed.

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